Plastic roofing SHK

The covering is from recycled granulate, which is produced by injection moulding, dissolving and pressure forming

Light weight of the roofing

the advantage is that you take the standard family house in the van and thus you do not have a large cost of transport

Long life

plastic has a overall long service life for even greater service life to plastic we give stabilizer against uv influence

Easy installation

according to the instructions, skilled craftsmanship and DIY can handle

Prevents the growth of moss

smooth surface and properties of plastic does not allow the attachment and growth of moss

Color variants

is the possibility to order a colour variant according to the ral colour variant in the production of new plastic

Customer support

if you contact us we will help you in solving the roof laying as well as the design


Ecological recycling

the covering is made from crushed cable, where after removal of the metal the plastic granulate remains , which would otherwise serve as waste


New production technologies

 granulate is processed on CNC injection moulds where the granulate is dissolved and the pressure is injected by moulds


Fast delivery to the customer

standard black covering we have in stock ,color shades are made to order

From project to implementation

If you send us the overall project, we can help you with the implementation of the overall roof.

We can provide wood carpenters and all elements for the overall implementation of the roof .

Do you need advice?

We have been producing roofing since 2009

Our production of the covering and its use shows that quality PVC bags continue to work for years

Realized orders

Semi-wall roof in the range of 140 m

In two people you can normally lay 25m per day and the slope of the roof is 35°

Realization 2011

The wall roof is more complex on laying covering complexity consists in trimming the covering on the edges, laying is in the range of 200m.

In two people you can lay 20 m per day as standard and the roof slope is 45°

Realization 2014

It is a counter top in the range of 60m. In two people you can normally lay 30m per day and the slope of the roof is 23°


Realization 2019

Only the recommendation information depends on the designer, which composition of the roof cladding will choose for the given roof! These compositions are presented only as an example, in practice other solutions are possible, the resulting composition of the roof is always designed by the designer according to the specific situation. We as a roofing manufacturer only require that our roofing is carried throughout the area by formwork.

Single-shell roof, at a roof slope of 17° or more:

This type of roof does not have insulation, it can only be used, for example, on the roofs of gazebos, shelters, etc. and only if a special rubber foil is used, which is placed between the covering and the formwork, this foil must have the property to pull around the nails and thus prevent water from flowing. This feature meets e.g. Juta DTB 150, juta manufacturer.

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